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Yuliang ZHANG



Academic Posts

Associate Professor


Research Interests

Design and synthesis of the nanomaterials grafted with fluorencent groups

Biotechnological application of nanocomposites

Crystal Engineering and morphological control in nano scale


Professional Experiences


2008-now, Associate Professor, Shanghai Maritime University

2004- 2008, Lecturer, Associate Professor, East China University of Science and Technology



1999-2004 College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou City, Candidate for Doctor of Inorganic Chemistry

1995 -1999 College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Lanzhou University, Candidate for Bachelor of chemistry


Grants Recieved

Ø  Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 21071296), from 2011.01-2013.12.; "Two in one" functionalized nanocomposites grafted with metal complexes.

Ø  Innovation Program of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission (No. 09YZ246) from 2009.01~2011.12.; Controlled synthesis and mechanism studies on the noble metal and oxides nanocrystals.

Ø  Science and Technology Program of SMU (No. 20090158) from 2010.01~2012.12.); Controlled synthesis and application of  oxides nanocrystals with tetrapod-like structures.

Ø  The research group of NSFC (No. 20501005) and "Oriental scholar" of shanghai City from 2007 to 2010.


Awards & Honors

Ø  2012 Lo Wong Fung Doctor Award

Ø  2011 Outstanding Awards of Scientific Research (Publications)


Selected Publications

·          Zhang Y., Zhang H., Li X., Dong L., Zhong X. Nanotechnology 2010, 21, 095606.

Mn-doped ZnO nanonails and their magnetic properties

·          Zhang Y., Wang W.H., An Y., Zhang F., Yin, Y., Dong, L. Mater. Lett. 2012, 69, 7-9

Semi-tubular structure of manganese oxide and their electrochemical properties

·          Zhang Y., Wang W.H., An Y., Zhang F., An Y., Liu T., Yin, Y., Dong, L. Adv. Mater. Res. 2012, 410, 271-274.

Structural evolution of manganese oxides via surfactant-free solvothermal routes

·          Zhang Y., Li X. Adv. Mater. Res. 2009, 79-82, 533.

Containing manganese DMSs nanostructures via a nonaqueous route

·          Zhang Y., Zhu J., Song X., Zhong, X. J. Phys. Chem. C 2008, 112, 5322.

Controlling synthesis of CoO nanocrystals with various morphologies

·          Zhang Y., Zhong X., Zhu J., Song, X. Nanotechnology 2007, 18,195605.

Alcoholysis route to monodisperse CoO nanotetrapods with tunable size

·          Fang Z., Zhang Y., Du F., Zhong, X. Nano Res. 2008, 1, 249.

Growth of Anisotropic Platinum Nanostructures Catalyzed by Gold Seed Nanoparticles

·          Zhong X., Feng Y., Zhang Y., Ingo L., Knoll W. Small 2007, 3, 1194-1197.

Nonhydrolytic Alcoholysis Route to Morphology-Controlled ZnO Nanocrystals

·          Zhong X., Feng Y., Zhang Y. J. Phys. Chem. C 2007, 111, 526-531.

Facile and reproducible synthesis of red-emitting CdSe nanocrystals in amine with long-term fixation in particle size and size distribution

·          Zhong X., Feng Y., Zhang Y., Gu Z., Zou, L. Nanotechnology 2007, 18, 385606.

A facile route to violet- to orange-emitting CdxZn1−xSe alloy nanocrystals via cation exchange reaction