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Junhua WANG



Institute of Marine Material Science & Technology

Shanghai Maritime University

1550 Haigang Avenue, Pudong District, Shanghai, 201306, China

Tel: 0086-21-38284811 (o)


Employment history:

n   Shanghai Maritime University, 2009-

n   Associate researcher, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, 2005-2008

n   Assistant researcher, University of Hong Kong, 2004-2005

n   Postdoctoral fellow, University of California at Santa Barbara , 2001-2004

n   Postdoctoral fellow, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, 1999-2001



n   Ph. D  Zhejiang University (China)         1996-1999

n   M.S.    Dalian University of Technology (China)      1993-1996

n   B. S.    Wuhan Institute of Technology (China)       1989-1993



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19. Carbon dioxide capture under ambient conditions using 2-chloroethylamine.

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4 Patents are in the process of examination.