Liu Tao: 2009-now, Work as a lecturer for Shanghai Maritime University, Institute of marine materials science and engineering; Doctor degree (marine chemistry) was get from Ocean University of Chian in 2009; 2007-2008, Research Assistant of Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong). Major in the corrosion science, surface science and anticorrosion coating.

Academic awards

1.     State Oceanic Administration innovation achievement first prize

2.     Shanghai Municipal Natural Science Prize three

Representative papers

1. Tao Liu, Bing Yin, Tian He, Na Guo, Lihua Dong, and Yansheng Yin. Complementary Effects of Nanosilver and Superhydrophobic Coatings on the Prevention of Marine Bacterial Adhesion. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 4 (2012) 4683−4690. (Impact factor 4.5)

2.Tao Liu, Lihua Dong, Tong Liu, Yansheng Yin. Investigations on reducing microbiologically-influenced corrosion of aluminum by using super-hydrophobic surfaces. Electrochimica Acta 55 (2010) 5281–5285. (Impact factor 3.8)

3. Tao Liu, Yansheng Yin, Shougang Chen, Xueting Chang, Sha Cheng. Super-hydrophobic surfaces improve corrosion resistance of copper in seawater. Electrochimica Acta  52 (2007) 3709-3713. (Impact factor 3.8)

4. Tao Liu, Shougang Chen, Sha Cheng, Jintao Tian, Xueting Chang, Yansheng Yin. Corrosion behavior of super-hydrophobic surface on copper in seawater. Electrochimica Acta 52(2007) 8003-8007. (Impact factor 3.8)

Representative Books

1. Yansheng Yin, Lihua Dong, Tao Liu, Xueting Chang.《Microbial corrosion of marine materials》,Science and Technology Press, 2012

Majoy fund

1. 2010-2013, The National Natural Science Foundation of China ((51003056)