Professional training and direction

“Materials science and engineering” first level discipline recruit training undergraduate students for four years, under the two fields which are:Material corrosion and protection,High polymer material and coating.

The principal courses are: physical chemistry, mechanics of materials, fundamentals of materials science, marine engineering materials, materials chemistry, fundamentals of electrochemistry, modern analysis technology of materials, materials performance and testing, fundamentals of surface engineering, corrosion theory and protection technology, coating technology and applications, instrumental analysis and spectroscopic methods, research of high polymer science.

Training objectives

This major is supported by the teachers’ strong force of the institute of marine materials science and engineering, to both fostering and mastering senior engineering talents who have the basic theory and knowledge of materials science and engineering and to be familiar with the subject of advanced technology and its application in production practice. In the Material Structure and Performance Analysis, Material Preparation and Process, Corrosion and Protection of Materials, Surface Engineering and Technology, Production and Application of Coating Materials Quality Control, Material Molding and any field taking part into scientific research, Technology Development, Process Equipment Design, Production and Operation Management and other aspect of the work to be accomplished.

Employment direction

After graduation, students can work in the fields like ship manufacturing, metallurgy, chemical engineering and petroleum, automobile, aerospace and aviation. Also into any enterprise engaged with materials relevant to scientific research, technology development, process equipment design, production and operation management and other aspect of the work. Similarly, they can integrate the department of maritime management and the ship inspection units engaged in marine material technical inspection and management work. The main collaborating companies are China Ocean Shipping (Cosco group), Hudong-Zhonghua shipbuilding, Waigaoqiao shipbuilding and China Shipping.